I am fascinated by individuals that overcome incredible adversity to live the life of their dreams.  In many cases, they will talk about their journey and say, “I went for it. I took a chance. I had nothing to lose” ?

Certain people, when they hit rock bottom (financially, professionally, emotionally) and can’t go any lower, make a decision to begin a course of action that propels them to success. Since there is nothing worse than their current state, they figure, “anything is better than this!”

But what about individuals that aren’t at rock bottom? Those who have a piece of “success” and live what many might call the good life? What happens when a person actually does have something to lose?

It’s not easy to put “the good life” at risk. Unfortunately, this is the reason that many journeys—whether they be personal, athletic, corporate, or social movements—end short of the final destination. People become satisfied. Things get to be “good enough”, and forward progress ends.

I know people say that, “a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush”, but that sounds like the statement of someone who is easily satisfied and is not willing to give up what they have for what they want.

Are you willing to give up the things you currently have to get to the other place(s) in your life that you say you want?