Last Wednesday, thousands of high school football players around the country signed letters of intent to play for the college football teams of their choice.  Many of these student-athletes were heavily recruited and got tremendous exposure from sports media outlets. 

When discussing these young athletes, the recruiting experts would say that the players “have a huge UPSIDE”.  Yes, they are talented now – which is why they have gotten so much attention.  However, college coaches are recruiting them because of their upside – the amount of potential they have to improve with the proper coaching, training and hard work.

College coaches offer them scholarships not for how good they are now, but rather how good they envision them being later

Here’s the big question…What is YOUR upside?

How much room do YOU have to grow?  What is the gap between what you produce now and what you could produce?

By identifying your upside potential, you initiate the growth process.  It starts by developing a vision of where you want to be.  Then, you’ll start figuring ways to get from where you are to where you want to be. 

I have learned that no matter how strong my performance is right now, I ALWAYS have room to improve.  The same is true for you.  As long as you keep identifying your upside – you will have the motivation you need to live a life of continuous growth.