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By Force or Forced?

Passion is the force that drives us to take consistent, persistent action. Extraordinary things rarely get done when we are forced - or feel obligated [READ MORE]

First Rounder

With the NBA draft happening this week, I'm reminded of a question I tend to ask myself periodically. “If my industry had a draft, during [READ MORE]

Huddle Up!

We are social creatures - wired for human interaction. One of the things we’ve lost with the pace of Life’s “hurry up offense”, is the [READ MORE]

Podcast: BISA Annual Convention

In preparation for an upcoming presentation at the Annual Convention of the Bank Insurance & Securities Association (BISA), I was interviewed for a podcast. We [READ MORE]

It is better to INVEST than to GIVE

Giving is such a wonderful feeling. Sharing the joy a person experiences when they open their gifts is part of what makes this season so [READ MORE]

Something Bigger Than Yourself

There's only one way to achieve something bigger than you can do alone...Don't do it alone! There's an African Proverb that sums up this concept [READ MORE]

Master the Basics

I often begin my talks with a statement from one of my favorite books, The Richest Man in Babylon, by George Clason. One of his [READ MORE]

What are You DOING?

High achievers are not successful because of how they FEEL. High achievers are successful because of what they DO.  

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