Testimonial: Sports Career Expo Panel (Moderator)

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Recently, I had the honor of moderating an amazing panel of experts during an NFL pre-draft event for high school student-athletes.  The panel was filled with former college and pro athletes that have made a successful transition into roles within the business side of sports.  Here's a testimonial from one of the panelists, Tanya Marchiol [READ MORE]

What Now?

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The 2012 NFL Draft is over.  There were a lot of players whose dream of being drafted to play in the National Football League came true last week. However, for hundreds of others, their hearts were broken.  Despite years of hard work, dedication and sacrifice, their dreams were denied. So what should they do now?  [READ MORE]

Are You a First-Rounder?

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Starting tonight, professional football fans will be glued to the television to watch the NFL draft.  Over the next few days, teams will have 7 rounds to choose from the nation’s best college players. These players will now be professionals…just like YOU! Understand this: a professional is a person who gets paid to perform a [READ MORE]

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