Huddle Up!

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We are social creatures - wired for human interaction. One of the things we’ve lost with the pace of Life’s “hurry up offense”, is the connection that occurs when we huddle. More happened in the huddle than just the communication of the play.  It was the time to engage with others who shared a common [READ MORE]

The Pain of Disappointment

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To end an undefeated season, my former high school football team (Manalapan, NJ) played in the Central Jersey state sectional final last night.  This was their second consecutive year making the finals.  This was their second consecutive year coming up short. Clearly, everyone was disappointed…and disappointment HURTS!  (We really thought this would be the year [READ MORE]

Testimonial: Bill O'Brien – Head Coach, Penn State Football

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I was honored to share a motivational message with the Penn State Football Team during pre-season camp.  I am grateful to Coach O'Brien for trusting me with his team during a very difficult time of transition. Here are his comments after my talk: "We brought Lee in to address the team during a critical and pivotal time [READ MORE]

Testimonial – Andy Talley (Villanova Football)

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I had the privilege of spending two nights sharing with the Villanova Football Team in July.  Here's a testimonial from Head Coach Andy Talley.  Go Wildcats! “Recently, Lee spoke to our football team for two straight nights.  Drawing on his experience as a student-athlete, leader, corporate professional and family man, Lee was able to convey [READ MORE]

What Now?

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The 2012 NFL Draft is over.  There were a lot of players whose dream of being drafted to play in the National Football League came true last week. However, for hundreds of others, their hearts were broken.  Despite years of hard work, dedication and sacrifice, their dreams were denied. So what should they do now?  [READ MORE]

Are You a First-Rounder?

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Starting tonight, professional football fans will be glued to the television to watch the NFL draft.  Over the next few days, teams will have 7 rounds to choose from the nation’s best college players. These players will now be professionals…just like YOU! Understand this: a professional is a person who gets paid to perform a [READ MORE]

Testimonial: Bill Edelman – President of NJ Athletic Directors

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As President of the New Jersey Athletic Directors, it was a pleasure to welcome Lee Rubin as a keynote speaker at our 52nd Annual Workshop of the Directors of Athletics Association of New Jersey. Lee’s topic was “Helping Student-Athletes Win on and Off the Field.” Lee brings a wealth of athletic experience to the table [READ MORE]

Compelled to Act

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Recent events at PSU have heightened awareness of a horrific reality - the sexual abuse of children.  As a proud PennStater, I feel compelled to act. That's why I am supporting an organization that is working to prevent abuse and support those who have been abused. For the next 3 months 10% of all sales [READ MORE]

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