I recently received a great testimonial from Sam Duddy, Head Football Coach, Monsignor Donovan High School, and President of the Shore Conference Football Coaches Association.  The feedback is from a short speech I shared at the All-Shore Academic Breakfast  – an event honoring outstanding scholar-athletes.

Lee Rubin was our guest speaker recently at our annual All Shore Academic Breakfast for high school senior football players that have maintained high levels of achievement in the classroom and on the playing field. 

Mr. Rubin, with his rich background, spoke to the eyes of our athletes with a powerful message that kept them glued to every word.

Lee has a style that engages the room and before he even begins to speak, his resume, and aura speaks volumes of confidence and wisdom. He brings anticipation to the microphone that draws the unbroken attention of what would otherwise be distracted and disinterested teenagers in an event like this of nearly 400 attendees.

At the conclusion of his energetic talk, one that encompassed a great opening story, to inspiring quotes from other great orators like “Good is the Enemy of Great”, and then asking for the audience to become involved by raising hands and actually answering his questions, the huge audience never broke eye contact, and were constantly nodding their heads in a very strong connection with him.

Lee loves people and wants them to succeed. He is passionate, professional, knowledgeable and inspiring. His heart is “true”, and that is what is most powerful about him.

Daniel C. Duddy
President, Shore Football Coaches Association