Opponents are Great Team-builders

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Here's a great leadership tip if you're looking to build a stronger team.  Throughout my athletic career, I’ve had teammates that were very different from me. We came from different worlds, had different interests, and approached life from very different perspectives.  If we met on the street, there would be no apparent reason for us [READ MORE]

A Letter to Coach Joe Paterno

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A few weeks ago, I was invited to contribute to a special gift for my former college football coach, Joe Paterno. The gift was a compilation of letters from Joe’s former captains, bound in a book format and presented to him at the team’s end-of-year banquet. Here is what I wrote: Coach Paterno, Now that [READ MORE]

Opportunity in Disguise

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By now, you’ve figured out that challenges in life are inevitable.  You don’t have to invite trouble to find it at your front door. Since every one is going to face difficult times at some level, the difference between those who succeed in life and those who don’t often boils down to how they handle [READ MORE]

Testimonial: Tim Curley (Athletic Director, Penn State)

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Yesterday, I had the opportunity to speak at Penn State University - my alma mater.  The Penn State Intercollegiate Athletics department had their year-end wrap up meeting. I shared a presentation entitled, "Five Questions Every Great Organization Must Answer". I really had a great time, and I recieved some very positive feedback from the coaches and [READ MORE]

Giving Back: Penn State Trip & Blue-White Breakfast

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We recently returned from another trip to Penn State University for the annual Blue-White Spring Football game.  Every year, for the past 11 years, we've taken a group of students to State College, PA, for a weekend of discovery, exposure, and fun. Many of the young men that we take are from single-parent [READ MORE]

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