Testimonial: Bill Edelman – President of NJ Athletic Directors

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As President of the New Jersey Athletic Directors, it was a pleasure to welcome Lee Rubin as a keynote speaker at our 52nd Annual Workshop of the Directors of Athletics Association of New Jersey. Lee’s topic was “Helping Student-Athletes Win on and Off the Field.” Lee brings a wealth of athletic experience to the table [READ MORE]

Make Your Resolutions Realities

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Here's a few thoughts that will help you accomplish your resolutions/commitments this year: 1. Take one step at a time. Most people never take the first step of a big project because they can’t see how all the other subsequent steps are going to work out. They are intimidated or fearful of the obstacles and [READ MORE]

WIN – A Great Holiday Gift!

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Lee's book, WIN: Simple Insights to Help You Win the Game of Life, makes an incredible holiday gift. Appropriate for readers of all ages, this collection of insights inspire the reader to live their life at a much higher level.  Full of anecdotes, lessons, and powerful quotes, WIN has been changing the lives of individuals by helping [READ MORE]

Love = Risk

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Here's a piece from my book, WIN: Simple Insights to Help You Win the Game of Life. During a conversation about love and relationships, a friend of mine said, “I’d rather avoid the likelihood of hurt than to experience the possibility of joy.“ That is a choice that many people make. I’m sure you know [READ MORE]

Past the Plateau

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Here's an excerpt from my book... In an effort to lose weight and get more physically fit, I recently began a new diet and exercise regimen. After weeks of consistently dropping pounds, my body eventually settled into a weight. I got stuck at the same weight for nearly five weeks. Though I remained disciplined in [READ MORE]

Good Teams Beat Great Players

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(Here's an excerpt from my book, WIN: Simple Insights to Help You Win the Game of Life) I love team sports. Individuals work together in teams to accomplish a goal that no one person could do alone. I’ve been on some really good teams during my athletic career. Looking back, the best teams didn’t have [READ MORE]

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