Adversity is an ugly word in our society.  We are always looking for ways to make our lives more comfortable.

With adversity comes pain and discomfort.  Because humans generally dislike both of these, most people look for ways to mask the pain and retreat to a place of comfort.

Winners are different.

They don’t run from the pain.  They don’t hide.

Instead, they survey the situation to find an opportunity to learn, grow, and develop.  Winners actually embrace adversity and become better as a result of it.

Tuesday night, I got an opportunity to speak to a group of young men that have faced their share of adversity – the Penn State Football Team.

Let me tell you…they inspired me more than I could have inspired them.

Faced with unprecedented challenges…They didn’t run.  They didn’t retreat.  Instead, they’ve come together and have chosen to grow from these challenges.

They are already WINNERS in my book!