I had a blast sharing my message, “Don’t Just Play…WIN!” with the Senior Class of Neptune (NJ) High School.  Here’s what the principal had to say after my talk:

Lee Rubin came to Neptune High School to inspire, motivate, and empower the student body. He did just that. He challenged the students to make winning the only option; to craft their specific and lofty goals to pave their path to personal success; and to embrace adversity as an agent for change and personal growth. His high energy, high intensity, and straight forward message resonates with the high school students who are looking for permission to be their very best. His story is different because he is unapologetic about making wise choices throughout his life. He is unapologetic about being a scholar-athlete. If success leaves clues, Lee Rubin left plenty behind in the MTL PAC of Neptune HS for students to ponder on their unique quest for excellence and no excuses.  – Richard W. Allen, Ed.S.