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Disciplined – Not Desperate July 15, 2015

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Adversity is inevitable.

At various points in Life, each of us will face uncomfortable, unfamiliar and painful situations.

Those who navigate these difficult times properly put themselves in position for tremendous success.

As an athlete, I found that the players who played most weren’t the most physically talented.  However, had the mental toughness to remain focused and consistent despite the difficulties of being a big-time college student-athlete.

When things get tough, that’s the time to be DISCIPLINED – not desperate.

 Desperate Times



Bill O’Brien Endorses WIN For Student-Athletes July 12, 2015

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Bill O’Brien, Head Coach of the Houston Texans, offered an excellent endorsement for my book, WIN for Student-Athletes.

If you parent, coach, or work with student-athletes, this book will be a tremendous asset to their development.

For more information, and to order copies, visit: http://leerubinspeaks.com/win-for-student-athletes-2/


Wherever You Want to Go July 10, 2015

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During a late night working at Starbucks, something became crystal clear.  People use the Internet for extremely different reasons.

Some were playing games for entertainment.  Others are watching silly videos.  There were a few folks building ecommerce websites, and some (dressed in medical staff attire) appeared to be doing research.

The Internet is clearly a portal to a vast wealth of information.  (It’s a shame that folks have access to so much information, and choose to access such a trivial fragment.)

With the aid of search engines like Google, everyone has access to just about anything available.

So…if the Information Superhighway can take you anywhere, the question is easy: “Where is it you want to go?


How Far? July 9, 2015

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Too many folks are celebrating after scoring a run – despite the fact that they STARTED on third base!

Don’t show me where you are and what you have.  I’m not impressed.

If you want to impress me, show me what you’ve overcome, beat, worked through, endured, outlasted, escaped, or conquered.

How far have you come…from where you started?

Heat & Pressure July 7, 2015

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Heat and pressure are forces that break things down.  They can consume and destroy.

Many individuals lose hope, perspective, and confidence (in themselves and others) when things get rough.

However, some of nature’s strongest bonds are forged under heat and pressure.

Make a decision: when challenged by Life’s heat and pressure, find ways to build – not break.

Be Consistent July 6, 2015

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During my days an athlete, I encountered some individuals who were extremely physically talented.   Some were fast and agile.  Some were strong and powerful.  Then there were a few who were all of the above!

Yet, some of those talented individuals didn’t play very much, and were not able to use all that talent to contribute to the success of the team.

Here’s the reason: They were not consistent.

Leaders (coaches) can’t trust individuals who may have spectacular MOMENTS – but don’t perform consistently.

And consistency is simply a matter of focus!

Maybe this short video will help:

Independence July 3, 2015

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Halftime Break July 2, 2015

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Great football teams use halftime for more than just rest and replenishment.  It is the time for assessments and adjustments.

- What’s working?  What’s not working?

- What is our competition doing?

- What adjustments can we make to achieve our goal(s) in the second half?

I realize that we just kicked off the second half of 2015.

However, if you haven’t done so already, take a quick break to Review, Assess, and Make the necessary adjustments for a productive second half of the year!



Private moments for public consumption… right or wrong? May 14, 2014

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From my standpoint, private moments are “intended for or restricted to the use of a particular person, group, or class.”  Over the past few weeks, however, many private moments have been made public, and not by the subjects of the incidents.
Donald Sterling. Michael Sam. Jay-Z.

Does success mean that one’s private life is now completely open to the public? And why is the public starving for peeks into the darkest parts of the lives of celebrities? We seem less concerned with the work and effort that public figures put in behind the curtain that makes them great than we are with their dirt, their flaws, their weaknesses.  Maybe it allows us to bring these figures down to our level… or lower.

Our smart phones put a video camera and audio recorder in every pocket, allowing anyone of us to capture the most private moments of someone else’s life, no matter how inappropriately obtained the truth on tape may be. Social media networks provide immediate, global and eternal exposure to the sound bytes and 6-second video clips of the best at-their-worst situations that are not ready for public consumption. And anyone can post anything, without ever having taken any ethics courses.

And why, once those unauthorized media are made public, do we feel we have the right to observe, critique, and publicly bash the private lives of others, regardless of how distasteful their opinions or lifestyle may be to us? After all, it wasn’t their choice to make those moments public.

When a person makes the decision to publicize their own private lives, then they open themselves to scrutiny.  But when this is done by someone else without their consent, I’m not so sure.

I’m not a lawyer, so I won’t pretend to argue the legalities of this situation. To me, it’s just not acceptable to publish someone’s private lives without their consent.

Contrary to what so many now think, every private moment is NOT for public consumption.

So, until I’m ready to relinquish MY own privacy and allow others to expose my private conversations, intimate moments and family issues – even my ugliest of opinions – I’m not ready to discuss another person’s private moments made public by someone else.

Tiny Investment…Huge Dividends December 26, 2013

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Happy Holidays!

This morning, my family visited the Newark YMCA to do some giving.


Prior to our family time with food and family, we spent some time sharing with others.  Besides serving food and distributing toys and gifts to the children there, we provided copies of my wife’s children’s books (the Ashti series) with the children.


Thanks to all those who sponsored copies of the books.  Your generosity is paying HUGE DIVIDENDS.

Carmen and I are actually looking to partner with another organization to provide additional copies for more young people.  Our goal is to give 150 books this holiday season.

Be a part of this gift by sponsoring a book for just $8/copy.


If you’re interested, send payment via    logo_paypal_106x29.  (Use crubin225@aol.com in the “Their Email” section)

Or via US Mail:  Peppermint Candy Publishing PO Box 824 Manalapan, NJ 07726

We really appreciate your support!

God Bless,

Lee & Carmen