“It’s a small book, but it has
made a HUGE IMPACT!”

WIN book for students
WIN book for students

WIN: Simple Insights to Help
Student-Athletes Win the Game of Life

This book is like having a Coach
on their nightstand:

  • Echoing the lessons you preach every day.

  • Sharing the building blocks of a WINNING MINDSET.

  • Challenging them to BE THEIR BEST.

Empower your Student-Athlete with a resource that reinforces the critical lessons learned in competitive team sports.

The book is not a blueprint for getting a college scholarship, nor winning a state championship. No! This is about learning the critical lessons that will contribute to their success athletically, academically, and interpersonally.

No matter the sport, boys and girls alike will benefit from the practical ideas shared in this book. Student-athletes of all ages will be able to grasp the meaningful lessons and principles.

What People Are Saying

I purchased WIN for my son after Lee spoke at my son’s school. The book really addresses the mental aspect of being a student-athlete. My son is a competitive golfer and the mental aspect of the game is crucial to his success. It teaches a lot of lessons in a compact format, which is ideal for the busy student-athlete. – Tara

I bought WIN for my kids, and we keep it in my 10-year-old daughter’s bookcase. She’s a competitive gymnast. We were cleaning up her room and going through the books in her bookshelf, and she handed this one back to me and said that we had to keep it because this one is special! – Aimee

I used WIN in my captain’s council today and it went really well….I will be giving it out to all of my captains and coaches this year and hope we can build on the topics that you outline for them. – Jean Marie

An excellent and unique way of stressing and showing highly talented athletes who take both their sports and studies as #1 priorities. Great book showing a vast array of sports with unique and special quotes showing the importance of everything in a scholar-athlete’s life. I would highly recommend this to the parent of any young athlete to see the importance of academics and the lessons learned from athletics, whether it’s a win or a loss, and how it relates to “real life” when that time comes. Great book!!! Proud to own it and be a proud parent of a student-athlete who is in it!– MCM

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About the Author, Lee Rubin

A three-sport athlete in high school, Lee was also a member of the National Honor Society. Due to his academic and athletic success, he received an athletic scholarship to join the Football team at Penn State University. Lee emerged as a three year starter and team captain.

Lee is now a professional keynote speaker. He works with athletic programs at every level to help them build extraordinary teams. He focuses on developing the intangible skills that student-athletes need to succeed in competitive sports and Life.

Lee Rubin, Author

Sections of the Book


Winners have a clear sense of who they are, and what makes them unique.

Vision & Goals

Winners are clear about what they want to accomplish.

Adversity & Change

Winners embrace challenges to grow and improve.

Leadership & Team-building

Winners understand the value of leadership and cooperation to achieve a common goal.

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