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"Michigan, Michigan, Michigan, Michigan." "Maryland, Maryland, Maryland, Maryland." "Northwestern, Northwestern, Northwestern, Northwestern." At the beginning of every week, those were typical tweets from Penn State Football head coach James Franklin throughout the 2017 season. Whether the team won their previous game or not, Coach knew the team needed to FOCUS on the only game that [...]

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Make Room

There are exactly 5 weeks left in 2016. As we get closer to the New Year, many of us will make resolutions, commitments and goals. I have an important suggestion: Before you make plans for new experiences and accomplishments in 2017,  clean up the clutter from 2016 (and prior). It's difficult to bring new things [...]

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Excellence is in the Eye of the Beholder

"Excellence" is a relative term.  What is excellent  to one person may be just mediocre to another. We're in the middle of college basketball's March Madness (the NCAA Tournament).  This event serves as a great example. A team that has won multiple championships and boasts a roster full of future professional players may be perceived [...]

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Champions TAKE

I had the pleasure last night of saying a few words to the Mahwah (NJ) High School Football Team at their Rings Ceremony.  They recently won a State Championship.  Essentially, here were my thoughts: Champions…As you celebrate, there are 3 things you must TAKE from that experience: Take Notes One of biggest mistakes winners make [...]

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Private moments for public consumption… right or wrong?

From my standpoint, private moments are "intended for or restricted to the use of a particular person, group, or class."  Over the past few weeks, however, many private moments have been made public, and not by the subjects of the incidents. Donald Sterling. Michael Sam. Jay-Z. Does success mean that one's private life is now [...]

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Tiny Investment…Huge Dividends

Happy Holidays! This morning, my family visited the Newark YMCA to do some giving. Prior to our family time with food and family, we spent some time sharing with others.  Besides serving food and distributing toys and gifts to the children there, we provided copies of my wife's children's books (the Ashti series) with the [...]

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I've been sharing this powerful message with TEAMS all over the country.  It outlines 5 critical components found in outstanding teams - no matter the sport or industry. Contact Lee directly to have him share this message with your team! OR (732) 685-3708    

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Testimonial – Enrico Mastroianni: Georgian Court Basketball

Just the other day, I got a chance to address the First-Ever Men's Basketball Team at Georgian Court University in Lakewood, NJ.  After my talk, check out what the head coach had to say about my presentation, "5 Components of Extraordinary Teams": “Lee’s message was genuine, motivational and completely supported the goals of our team. [...]

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Testimonial: Richard Allen – Neptune High School

I had a blast sharing my message, "Don't Just Play...WIN!" with the Senior Class of Neptune (NJ) High School.  Here's what the principal had to say after my talk: Lee Rubin came to Neptune High School to inspire, motivate, and empower the student body. He did just that. He challenged the students to make winning [...]

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Video Testimonial: Coach Cantafio (Cedar Cliff HS)

Highly respected veteran Coach Cantafio of Cedar Cliff (PA) High School shared his thoughts on my talk, "5 Components of Extraordinary Teams" with his football team.

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